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Man Land in Trouble For Taking Nud3 images of Secondary School Female Students Bathing (Photo)

Man Land in Trouble For Taking Nud3 images of Secondary School Female Students Bathing (Photo)

A 19-year-old Ghanaian young man has been caught at Akyem Tafo in the Eastern Region taking nakk3d pictures of the female students of AME Zion Senior High School.

According to the reports, the girls were taking their bath early Monday morning in preparation for school activities when one student spotted the man when the flashlight of the man’s camera caught her eyes.

She raised the alarm whiles the SHS girl students in the bathroom run to hide their nakk3dness.Their screams attracted the male students who rushed to their dormitory and apprehended the man who was trying to escape the venue.

They handed him over to the school authorities who in turn handed him over to the Akyem Tafo Police command.

However, the SHS Girl students are afraid the man probably has their naked photos since this may not be his first time he has taken their nakk3d photos.

The School authorities have however revealed this is a wake-up call on them to strengthen the security of the students at the school.

Taboo as 25Yrs Man Impregnates And Marries His 17Yrs Old Sister At A Church In Anambra

Taboo as 25Yrs Man Impregnates And Marries His 17Yrs Old Sister At A Church In Anambra

This one is not science student again oo na devil in human clothing, getting your sister pregnant and still went on marrying her, I fear oo. Read gist below,

Agba youths in Ekwulobia, Anambra State have burnt down a church where a 25-year-old man, Mr. Chiadi Ezeibekwe wedded his 17-year-old younger sister after getting her pregnant.

According to NewTelegraph, Agba youths, who saw the marriage as “an abomination,” burnt down the church where the wedding was consummated.

It was learnt that the wedding was conducted by Chiadi elder brother of, Mr. Chijioke Ezeibekwe, a Shepherd of Dwelling Fullness of God Church, Agba. Chiadi quoted Deuteronomy 36: 6, which, according to him, permits marriage between brothers and ssters of the same parents.

However, a member of the church, who spoke on condition of anonymity, countered that. He referred the brothers to Leviticus 18:9, which clearly speaks against marriage between brother and sister.

A source noted that immediately their eldest brother, Mr. Emeka Ezeibekwe, heard of the “incestuous marriage,” he alerted the clan head, who summoned the family to an emergency meeting. When their father, popularly, known as “Luisco,” was contacted for comments, he said that his concern was a way out of the situation, since according to him, “what has happened, has happened’’.

Addressing the crowd which gathered on their premises, their mother claimed that his son’s action was biblical, saying Chiadi paid her the bride price. Further enquiries showed that Chiadi and some members of the family were baptised into the Adventist Church after leaving their former church in August 2016.

“Since they were baptised into the church, they have been engaged in weird and rebellious behaviour as well as false teachings,’’ said Mr. Onyeka, a member of the Adventist Church in Ekwulobia said, “Because of their rebellious attitude and false teachings, the Seventh Day Adventist Church expelled them since May 2017.

Not long after that, Mr. Chijioke Ezeibekwe started his own church,” Onyeka added.

It was also learnt that their grandmother passed away a few days after she found out about the marriage. The Igwe-in-Cabinet had since summoned the family for interrogation.

I Will Resurrect in 2 weeks Time, God Told Me I Only Need Her Corpse To Raise Her Up – Self -Claimed Woman of God Reveals

( Video)

I Will Resurrect in 2 weeks Time, God Told Me I Only Need Her Corpse To Raise Her Up – Self -Claimed Woman of God Reveals ( Video)

A Kumasi based prophetess has claimed that she would be capable of bringing Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, popularly known as Ebony back to life.

In a video spotted by online, she said she was going to bring Ebony back from the dead and she is only dead because God wanted to teach her something.

She, however, added that she only need to see her body and surely will bring Ebony back to life as God has instructed.

The prophetess debunked allegations which claimed Ebony’s father is an occultist and had used her daughter for rituals.

Watch video below

I Want to Marry My Sister’s Husband Because She is Childless – Lady Cries Out

I Want to Marry My Sister’s Husband Because She is Childless – Lady Cries Out

Joyce, my senior sister got married to Idris just a year after she completed the university. Idris worked at where my sister had her national service. As days passed, they found themselves in love with each other. They wasted no time together. They got married just after a year of being in a relationship.

The only time I saw Idris was during their wedding day. I traveled to South Africa two months after their wedding and never heard from them often. I had my life to live and living in a foreign land has a way of drawing you away from petty talks with your family. 

But I heard their marriage was good. Joyce was joyful to have found a husband like Idris and they both had nothing to complained about.

The only problem that came their way was childlessness. Four years after being married, Joyce couldn’t conceive. From what I heard, Idris didn’t see any problem with that but Joyce was beating herself every day for not being able to conceive. They consulted experts, nothing was found wrong with any of them. “Everything is alright” the doctors kept telling them. Everything was alright but they couldn’t conceive.

That was the first worry my sister had to contend with. She was married to a good man and felt obliged to delight him with a child. But she couldn’t. During their fifth year together as a couple, doctors detected a lump in my sister’s breast which they later found to be cancer. Doctors gave them hope. They told Joyce that the cancer was in the early stages so they could do something about it.

They did something about it but somehow, the cancer found another root to spread. It became terminal and Joyce’s day on earth became numbered. During that period, I called her almost every day trying to give her hope. Sometimes I would speak with her until she fell asleep. Idris would get the phone and we would continue talking. “Your sister’s health is getting worse every passing day and the worse part is, she’d given up on herself,” Idris told me one day. I asked him how long she had left and he told me; “not too long.”

Idris called me in September 2010 to tell me my sister couldn’t make it to the next day. I cried and sob all day. I knew it was coming but somehow I couldn’t believe she had to go so soon. She was only 33 and had lots of life ahead of her.

I came to Ghana a week later and began preparation for her funeral. Idris and I had the whole funeral on our shoulders and wanted the best for Joyce. My sister’s funeral brought me closer to Idris and I realized his kind heart and his determination to make things perfect. My sister was finally laid to rest and Idris found a way to become part of my family.

He would come home after work to greet my parent and strike a very long conversation with them till it’s late. Most night, I would be the one to walk him to his car and said the final goodbyes. The next day, he would call the house and ask how everyone was doing and some weekends we would hang out at his favorite restaurant and watch movies at other times.

I sensed something brewing between us. I wasn’t so sure what it was. I wasn’t sure if he was having same feelings for me. I told myself; “This can’t happen. He’s my sister’s husband for Christ’s sake.” I knew where my feeling was going but I tried talking myself out of it till one night he made it obvious that he was feeling same. We were both embarrassed. We talked about Joyce and asked if she’ll be pleased with us. Somedays we said; “Yes, she’ll be pleased.” Other days we were very sure Joyce would be turning in her grace if she got to know what was happening between us.

We stalled. We were not sure of what to do. We took our time but our feelings got stronger. One evening, while in his house watching a movie, he drew closer to me and whispered; “It’s not my fault. You resemble your sister.” He pressed his lips to mine and I took it in. We kissed. We spent the night together and that was when we had our first sex. We had no regret afterward. I felt no guilt. It’s not as though I was snatching Idris from my sister. She’s dead and the living has to find a way of living life the best way.

Idris needed a woman. It’s been a year since we buried my sister and it’s been two months since the day we first kissed. We didn’t know what to do next. We were scared to think about the future of our relationship. Are we going to keep it in the dark forever?

We hatched a plan…

Idris came over to the house one night after work to talk it over with my mother. We already knew what her answer would be but we wanted to give it a try. I stood outside eavesdropping on their conversation. Idris told my mom; “Francisca has been a lot of help to me ever since she came. She’s been more than a wife to me, is there a way I could officially make her my wife?”

My mum simply shook her head; “No way,” she said. “Our culture doesn’t allow that.” And then my mom dropped a line that caught Idris off guard. She said; “Whatever is going on between you two should stop before it gets out of hand. People like to talk around here. Don’t give them the chance to.”

So she knew or she suspected there was something going on and she said nothing about it. When Idris left, I picked the conversation from where Idris left it. I told my mom there should be a way. I told her how much I wanted to be with Idris and how good a man he was. My mom only talked about traditions and the need to keep it well. She was more worried about what people would say than my happiness with a man I wanted to live with.

My sister is resting in peace but I can’t live in peace with someone because he was once with my sister. Who made these rules?

Idris broached the topic with his family and they didn’t treat it kindly at all. The father simply told him; “Look elsewhere. The lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice.” We were devastated but there was little we could do. His family won’t accept us and my family doesn’t want to go against culture.

The right thing to do was for both of us to go our separate ways. We tried but we couldn’t stay apart for long. We stayed apart for awhile and came back together again. We could have loved for all to see but society says no. Society doesn’t approve our kind of love so for all the years we’ve been in love till now, we have to love undercover.

By Francisca Enin

SPORT HIGHLIGHT- CHELSEA 1 - 1 BARCELONA ( champions league) Watch and download

SPORT HIGHLIGHT- CHELSEA 1 - 1 BARCELONA ( champions league) Watch and download

Barcelona came from behind after Willian’s strike put Chelsea in front, Lionel Messi scoring his first ever goal against the Blues.

Watch below and download

[Shoutout] Happy Birthday To Senator Sunday Romanus Chukwudi

[Shoutout] Happy Birthday To Senator Sunday Romanus Chukwudi

Today, the world celebrates a gem, a human right activist ,a politician and a blogger in person of Sen. Sunday Romanus Chukwudi representing AESA department and the CEO of Chuksupdate.Com.ng.Student @ Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko. it is a true saying that each day is to be celebrated in the life of human but today is special as all is about you. We wish you happy birthday and more to come in Jesus name. Happy birthday sir,  


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Books- AS YOU LIKE IT (a pastoral comedy) by williams Shakespeare

Books- AS YOU LIKE IT (a pastoral comedy) by williams Shakespeare

As You Like It is a pastoral comedy by William Shakespeare believed to have been written in 1599 and first published in the First Folio in 1623. The play's first performance is uncertain, though a performance at Wilton House in 1603 has been suggested as a possibility.

As You Like It follows its heroine Rosalind as she flees persecution in her uncle's court, accompanied by her cousin Celia to find safety and, eventually, love, in the Forest of Arden. In the forest, they encounter a variety of memorable characters, notably the melancholy traveller Jaques who speaks many of Shakespeare's most famous speeches (such as "All the world's a stage", "too much of a good thing" and "A fool! A fool! I met a fool in the forest"). Jaques provides a sharp contrast to the other characters in the play, always observing and disputing the hardships of life in the country.

Historically, critical response has varied, with some critics finding the play a work of great merit and some finding the work of lesser quality than other Shakespearean works. The play remains a favourite among audiences and has been adapted for radio, film, and musical theatre.

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Books- No longer at ease by Chinua Achebe

Books- No longer at ease by Chinua Achebe

No Longer at Ease is a 1960 novel by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe. It is the story of an Igbo man, Obi Okonkwo, who leaves his village for an education in Britain and then a job in the Nigerian colonial civil service,but is conflicted between his African culture and Western lifestyle and ends up taking a bribe.The novel is the second work in what is sometimes referred to as the "African trilogy", following Things Fall Apart and preceding Arrow of GodThings Fall Apart concerns the struggle of Obi Okonkwo's grandfather Okonkwo against the changes brought by the English.



50-yr-old Nigerian Woman Got Married For The First Time In Port Harcourt

50-yr-old Nigerian Woman Got Married For The First Time In Port Harcourt

A 50-year old woman who based in Port Harcourt was overwhelmed with joy today as she wore a wedding gown for the first time in her life. She got married to the love of her life. Congrats to her and her hubby.
Their wedding took place at the Omega Power Ministry in Port Harcourt, Rivers state. See photos below:

WTF ,Mom Uses Her Dead Son’s Sperm To Get Herself A Set Of Twins

WTF ,Mom Uses Her Dead Son’s Sperm To Get Herself A Set Of Twins

The parents of a 27-year-old man, who died of a brain tumour in 2016, used his cryopreserved semen to have grandchildren through a surrogate pregnancy.

The preserved semen of Pune’s Prathamesh Patil was used to fertilise the eggs from a non-family anonymous donor with matching features and the embryo was then implanted in a close relative.

Semen cryopreservation, which is commonly called sperm banking, is a process of freezing sperm cells to preserve them so that they can be used in the future.

The woman, who is Prathamesh’s aunt, delivered twins on February 12.

Prathamesh’s mother Rajashree Patil said he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in 2013 in Germany, where he went to pursue his master’s degree in 2010 after graduating from Sinhgad College of Engineering, and also lost his sight during treatment.

“… health experts in Germany suggested Prathamesh to start chemotherapy and radiation. They also asked him to preserve his semen to avoid any negative circumstances post the treatment,” Rajashree said.

“… I brought him back to India and took him to a hospital in Mumbai where he was operated upon and things began to improve. However, in between, he got another convulsion and was detected with a recurring tumour. This time, he succumbed to the malignant tumour,” the private school teacher said.

Prathamesh had lost his speech and was bedridden before he died on September 3, 2016.

“My daughter stopped talking. I walked around with my son’s photo, kept it at the dinner table and served food. That’s when I thought, why not have some part of him that is ‘live’ and can be with us,” Rajashree was quoted as saying by the Indian Express.

Rajashree contacted the sperm bank in Germany where Prathamesh had preserved his semen and she completed the formalities to bring it back. She then approached Sahyadri Hospitals for the in vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure to “get her son back”.

“I am menopausal, so doctors ruled me out for the pregnancy. A married relative offered to be the surrogate mother and she handed over the twins to me the minute they were born,” the Indian Express quoted her as saying.

Rajashree has named them Prathamesh and Preesha or God’s gift, according to the Express.

Dr Supriya Puranik, head of the IVF department at Sahyadri Hospital, said Rajashree’s case was different than other women delivering babies through the artificial procedure.

“Being an IVF specialist, I am happy that science and new technologies are adding cheerful moments in people’s lives… But here, in this case, it was about a grief-stricken mother whose son was away for studies when he faced health issues,” Dr Puranik said.

“We appreciate the kind of spirit she has shown in this entire process and we congratulate her for having her son back in the form of these twin healthy babies,” she added.

How I Slept With 18 Men In 30 Days – Delta Housewife Makes Shocking Confession

How I Slept With 18 Men In 30 Days – Delta Housewife Makes Shocking Confession

A housewife from Delta make bizarre confession of having s*xual intercourse with eighteen men within one month.

Witnesses were stunned last weekend when a 42-year-old beautiful house wife (name withheld) reportedly burst into tears with mind blowing confession in Umuagu Asaba shrine, that she had had s*xual intercourse with 18 men under one month, and in her matrimonial home.

Her sudden outburst, which attracted a crowd to the scene, stunned the elders of the Asaba community into a state of shock, especially as the woman had been well known within the area as a hardworking and unsuspecting petty trader.

It was gathered that the housewife, a native of the Ashama community in Aniocha North local government area of Delta state, had been married for the past six years and has two children.

Sources said the woman’s husband had, for long been cautioning her against some male customers who hide behind patronising her shop for some dubious intents. He also threatened to expose any illicit affairs she might indulge in using fetish charms.

Investigation revealed that, rather than heed her husband’s caution, the woman called his bluff to the extent of even, as alleged, inviting her s*xual patrons to her matrimonial bed whenever her husband went to work at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Asaba.

Those in the know said that one of her patrons,now late, was the son of a prominent newspaper distributor. He was also said to be a retired banker and well-known elder of Umuagu community.

The young man, who was buried recently in a dawn ceremony, was said to have allegedly enticed the housewife with huge sums of money. He was noted as a regular visitor to the woman for patronage of sorts before the bubble burst.

The husband, now fed up with the antics of his wife and her customers, gave teeth to his earlier numerous threats and took her to the shrine. At the shrine, she, in an open confession, said: “I have s*x with 18 men in Asaba, and they gave me N1.5 million altogether, I got so much in love with them because they hit me very hard s*xually; please forgive me; my husband does not last in bed and I needed it most for my upkeep hence I gave in to the men”.

Meanwhile, the husband, in a swift reaction, said: “I promise to kill all the 18 men because I warned my wife to stay away from the act. When I got wind of it, I consulted a charm specialist who will kill all of them if they refused to own up”.

An elder in the area, Ogbueshi Anthony Molokwu, said the three persons who died of swollen joystick refused to confess their sins, adding that anyone who commits a taboo will pay dearly for it.

Further investigation revealed that the latest victims allegedly vowed to hide their heads in shame and not to confess their sins.They would rather die hence the curious circumstances of their death –abnormally swollen joystick followed by death.

As at the time of this report, elders of the community has banished the 15 other culprits until they confessed their action while palpable fear of the unknown pervades the community.

Shock as Magician ‘Divides’ Daughter Into Two Parts (Creepy Video)

Shock as Magician ‘Divides’ Daughter Into Two Parts (Creepy Video)

A magician dad who pretended to SAW his sleeping daughter in half in a creepy viral video has sparked outrage among other parents.

The US’ Justin Flom’s latest trick was shared on The Magic Show Facebook page – and it has horrified viewers.

In the clip, which has a huge 143 million views, the Las Vegas based magic man approaches his sleeping daughter Haven – who is napping on pink towel laid on top of a table.

Taking two Dr Seuss books, Justin appears to slice straight through the sleeping tot’s stomach – and then pulls the two books apart, moving her legs away from her body.

Some viewers assumed the baby was a doll until she wakes up, and that’s when things get even creepier.

Instead of looking alarmed at what’s going on, the little girl giggles.

Commenting on the video, Dee Elizabeth Buck fumed: “What the F*** is entertainment coming to when they have to sink so low as to use a baby for ENTERTAINMENT????”

While Toni LaShaye wrote: “I can’t believe people are really out here cutting their babies in half just to go viral. This is definitely child abuse smh (shaking my head)”.

And Linda Moors slammed: “Some people will do anything for 15 minutes of fame.

“No harm done to the innocent not baby but is this appropriate behaviour on the part of the dad? Guess I’m old fashioned but I can only shake my head at this.”

But others didn’t see what the big deal was. Among them was Jeremiah Daniels, who wrote: “Why is this NOT funny?

“No babies were harmed and its kinda cool and funny as well. Lighten up. And yes, I have kids.

“I believe being fun and being a kid at heart makes you a better parent.”

While the video has 843,000 likes and 627,600 shares – showing not everyone’s offended.

And The Magic Show confirmed that no babies were harmed in the making of the video.

Justin has appeared on several US chat shows, in adverts for Coke and Kellogg’s, and performed for the likes of John Legend, Chrissy Teigan and Nick Jonas.

So how did Justin do it? Some reckon it was down to clever camera angling, the girl’s legs being under the blanket or even a sneaky mirror placed underneath the table.

Watch the video below:

Book - Act like a Lady, think like a man by Steve Harvey

Book - Act like a Lady, think like a man by Steve Harvey

Act like a lady, think like a man is one of the best book anyone must read, due to the fact that most times price are been place on this book on most site, we have decided to bring it to our readers for free.
Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is a book by Steve Harvey which describes for women Harvey's concept of what men really think about love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment.

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Man Who Makes His Snake Swallow His Loots Caught In Benin (Photo)

Man Who Makes His Snake Swallow His Loots Caught In Benin (Photo)

According to a Facebook user, Uuzele Louis, who shared photos, a an Hausa man who is suspected to be a theif was caught stealing people’s valuables in the New Benin market.

The user who shared the photo wrote:

This Hausa man was found stealing people’s phones and money at new Benin market today. It was said that the snake swallowed all what he stole at that moment before people started beating him to make the snake vomit the items.

N500k each for girls at senator’s party” – Lady reveals how she was charmed & used many time

N500k each for girls at senator’s party” – Lady reveals how she was charmed & used many time

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share the sad story of how she was betrayed by a friend of hers who lured her into a ‘runs deal’ that made her face a horrifying ordeal.

According to the lady, she was introduced by her friend to someone who supposedly had connections to a Senator’s party where each girl in attendance will go home with N500k each only for her to meet the worst experience of her life. According to her, the said guy she was linked to, happens to be a rapist and a thief who she alleges, charmed her and drained her of all the money in her account.

She shared on IG,

I have a problem. Let me make some screenshots. My best friend linked me to a guy looking for girls to attend senators party dat each girl wil be given 500k. She told the guy that I am a runs girl.I went to meet him at Ilesha.after I told him that I am not a runs girl he agreed to give me my tfare so I can go back but after a while, he told me he wants to help me. I have never done anything related to charms or runs my entire life but I found out that anything this guy asks me to do. I do willingly without objecting. I did videos of my nudes with face showing. He made me withdraw 271k from my account. He then gave me one calabash with three sponges to bath with saying he used the money he collected from me to do it so I will go to a man he’s going to love-vendor me with and ask for millions. He had sex with me different times.

Still, I didn’t realise what was going on. He told me how he pimps girls. That he will get me rich. He told me not to talk to anyone and also asked me to go upgrade my account so the huge amount of money can enter. I left Akure Immediately. I dont know how this guy got hold of my access bank atm and how he new my pin. Went to the atm and withdrew the last 141k in my account. I didnt even realise because he held unto my phone and didnt allow me talk to anybody. I guess he deleted the alert.

So i went back to akure very early for monthly NYSC signing and on tuesday d guy told me to check my account. I found out he withdrew everything. I rushed to the bank and that was where i came back to my senses. I called him and he started threatening me with my nud3s.

I checked my phone and found out that he deleted all our chats and block me on whatsapp and social mediasAnd wen I chatted him, he started making everything seem as if I wanted it, meanwhile, he’s alwez been instructing me. And kept threatening me….he said he snapped my NYSC ID card and threatens to destroy me. I then called that my friend(who introduced me to him saying they are close)aid she know him very well). She denied knowing him. What do i do now?

Read her initial chat with her friend,

Kidnapper Forced To Wake Girl Up After Hypnotizing Her For Money Ritual (Video

Kidnapper Forced To Wake Girl Up After Hypnotizing Her For Money Ritual (Video

An alleged Hausa ritualist was nabbed recently after he kidnapped a young girl for ritual purpose.


This incident was said to have occurred in the Northern part of Nigeria.

In a video footage making rounds online, the Hausa man after being caught – was forced to revive the kidnapped girl after hypnotizing her.

The man can be seen doing his “magic” while trying to revive the girl as he was surrounded by gun-wielding security operatives.

The girl who was later revived after some minutes – woke up with a loud scream before she taken away by those around and the alleged ritualist – taken into custody.

See the video below;

Woman Denied Her Husband S2x and Prefers Sharing Bed With Her 18-year-old Son.

Woman Denied Her Husband S2x and Prefers Sharing Bed With Her 18-year-old Son.

A marriage of 20 years is on the rocks as the wife allegedly denies her husband cex and prefers sharing the bed with her 18-year-old son.

The incident is reportedly to have happened in Zimbabwe where son Tanaka Mukosora, made the claims at the Harare Civil court in his quest for a protection order against his father Innocent Mukosora.

Tanaka said his father was in the habit of going home drunk late at night where he would start beating him up.

“Your Worship, my father does not want me to play with other boys of my age and does not allow me to go out.

“He beats me up for sleeping in his bedroom and also harasses me in front of my schoolmates.

My father also beats my mother and insults her using vulgar words in my presence,” said Tanaka.

In response, Innocent was opposed to the accusations.

“My wife denies me cex and this makes me angry and that’s why I sometimes beat her.

“He was sent by his mother to bring me to court.

“She shares a bed with our 18-year-old son and whenever I come back from work, I see our son sleeping in my bedroom so that is why I sometimes get angry,” he said.

Magistrate Nyasha Marufu, who presided over the matter, granted the protection order in Tanaka’s favour.

My Wife is a Drunkard and she Urinates on Herself – Man Cries Out

My Wife is a Drunkard and she Urinates on Herself – Man Cries Out

Like we have man demon , so is the woman demon, what a man can do a woman can do it better. A marriage was dissolved by court over the addiction of a woman to alcohol and the messy parts is urinating on herself, what a shame. Here read the story.

A 40-year-old man has been granted divorce after he told the court that he wanted out of marriage because his wife of eight years is a drunkard who urinates on herself every time she is drunk.

David Nkandu told a Zambian Mansa Local Court senior magistrate Leontina Zaloumis sitting with magistrate Margaret Sankalimba that his wife, Angela Kunda sometimes does not return home each time she goes to a night club.

The two have two children together since they married in 2008.

Nkandu narrated before the court that they started having problems few months after they started staying together.

He said his wife is ever going for drinking sprees and has no time for her family.“My wife is a drunkard who urinates on herself each time she is drunk, “ Nkandu said.

One day she went to a drinking spee and her friends brought her home, she had urinated and defecated on herself.

My friends and neighbors laugh at me because of my wife’s behavior.”

He said his wife spends nights in night clubs.“My wife has since gotten married to another man who also has paid bride price to her parents,” he said.

He begged the court to grant them divorce because his wife is already staying with another man.

And kunda admitted that she got married to another man because he is capable of providing for her.

Magistrate Zaloumis upheld the claim and granted the couple a free divorce

Story Time - The Broken Heart: Story Of Trust And Betrayer ( Episode One)

Story Time - The Broken Heart: Story Of Trust And Betrayer ( Episode One)


In a popular bar somewhere in Lagos, two men were seen discussing

Ade : {sighs} I am getting tired and fed up these days o

Kola : {surprised}why? Hope your business is thriving

Ade : Not even the business now, business is good but na the woman wey I marry for house

Kola : ahh, you mean Simi

Ade : No, na your wife, abeg no joke jare, this matter dey give me headache

Kola: ohh okay, whats wrong with her or she has been troubling you for another kid.

Ade : see, not that one, it would have been better if it was but … ( cuts short)

Kola : friend, a problem shared is half solved if not totally.

Ade : okay ( drinks from the beer in front of him ) I received a news today that my wife, the one I married legally with over #500,000 is having man friend and even having affairs with them.

Kola : looking serious, Jesus ! chai, it is a lie, how can it be possible  not the simi I know, very caring, good hearted and humble. She loves you and the kids so she wouild not even dare doing that.

Ade : {looking up} so you to, thought as much, when I was told I was doubting it.

Kola : you better be careful, don’t allow rumours and gossip spoil your home, my friend beware, winks

Ade : hmmm, but in every rumour there is a truth.

Kola : my man, don’t just  kill yourself over unnecessary gossip, I trust simi, she cant do that.

Ade : okay, I hear you oo, I will stop thinking about it

{they later change the topic to politics and later went to their various homes)

####### IN ADE’S HOME #########

Simi: welcome love, how was your work today

Ade : (feeling depressed) fine jare, (throws his suit on the sofa)

Simi: ( taken aback) what happened, did you fight with your assistance, or were you…

Ade: Nothing of such, just that a man came to my office today crying that his wife cheated on him despite his love for her and all that…

Simi: ahh, that’s wickedness, some women are just unfaithful and an ingrate

Ade : That’s it, women are ingrate and unfaithful, also…

Simi: shhhh, mind you not all oo ( moving closer to him for an hog)

Ade : Noo, I didn’t say so oo, don’t put rope on my neck oo

Simi: God will punish any woman doing such, (her phone rings)

Voice : hello love

Simi : hello, sorry who is this ( pretending)

Voice : your lover 

Simi : ohhh, Jane my hairdresser

Voice : chai, me , it’s me or what joke is this

Simi : ohh, my designer, how is everything and the work

Voice ; you must be joking, ohh I get your husband dey there, ahhh, I will play along

Simi : ehhn , so you don get now, so how about collecting my cloth

( Ade was busy starring at his wife not suspecting anything )

Voice : see I need you tonight for myself oo, so you must show up biko

Simi : ohh the party, I almost forgot, red top and black short

Voice : chai smart girl, sure our party tonight 

Simi : tonight, sorry, I can’t come or if I must come then I will come with my husband

Voice : ehhn, husband come where, so you want to kill me abi

Simi : ehyah (smiles and looks at Ade who was just starring)

Voice : 9pm at the normal joint bye bye, greet our tomboy for me oo( referring to Ade)

Simi : okay, but I don’t think I can come, I cant leave my family they are precious to me, cuts the call.

Ade : why? You should go, since it is just once and your first time, do enjoy yourself with your friends but please don’t drink too much o

Simi ( (trying to sob) I can’t leave my joy o and go ( pretending)

Ade : it is okay just go

Simi : smiles, thanks , she placed a call to the caller and said she would be coming

Ade and Simi later held themselves and move into the room.

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The Winner Of TUMA Award:9 Year Old Renfred Eze Becomes A Mathematics Champion

The Winner Of TUMA Award:9 Year Old Renfred Eze Becomes A Mathematics Champion

The annual mathematics competition tagged ‘The Ultimate Mathematics Ambassadors’ (TUMA 2018) for the primary 5 and 6 pupils in both private and public schools within Lagos and Ogun states, organised by the Ambassadors Schools, Ota, Ogun State has produced its winners.

In an award ceremony held weekend at The Ambassadors Schools’ Hall, Ota, Renfred Ize Alonge, a 9 year old pupil of Universal Primary School, Ota emerged as the overall champion scoring 86% in a highly contested competition above other contestants that consist of participants from over 300 schools.
He took home a grand cash prize of N200, 000, a plaque, laptop and textbooks for his school, while his class teacher gets N75, 000 cash and a plaque.
Other winners are Oganla Faizal Oluwatobi from Tomobid Primary School, Ikeja in the second position scoring 85.3% while Oboegbulam Adanna Jesicca of Dr. Soyemi Memorial Schools, Festac Town, came third. Both were rewarded with N150, 000 and N100,000 cash each with other prizes for their schools and teachers.
Top 20 best winners were equally rewarded with cash prize of N30, 000 for position 4 – 10, while 11 – 20 got N15,000 alongside certificate of participation. Some of the participating schools who had featured frequently in the last editions were also rewarded.
The TUMA award in its 6th edition is an initiative of The Ambassadors Schools, Ota aimed at giving back to society as their core corporate social responsibility (CSR) project. The competition targeted at primary pupils within Lagos and Ogun States is based on need to discover, motivate and challenge mathematically, gifted learners in Nigeria.
According to the Chairman, Ambassadors Schools, Mr. Yomi Osewa, “We are doing this to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of pupils in the study of mathematics, thereby reducing or eliminating mathematics phobia amongst pupils in our country.
“Having done this consistently for 6 years, I am glad that many schools have reckoned with our objective and have participated immensely. That’s why over 300 schools participated with more showing interest to join”
In a keynote speech delivered with a topic “Mathematics for everyday life” by the guest speaker, Dr. Bishop Sheila, Head, department of Mathematics, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, she stressed need for students to embrace and see mathematics as a simple and friendly subject, saying virtually, everyday lifestyle including all profession has mathematics as a component. She also emphasized that mathematics is one simple and vital subject that people in general cannot do without.
According to her, “I am very happy with what Ambassadors Schools is doing to promote the study of mathematics which is not only a component in science but cut across all other subjects. I noticed with keen interest that virtually all the children that passed out of this school (Ambassador) are mathematicians.
“Everything we do in life on daily bases revolves around mathematics including buying and selling. The technology behind every gadget we use, such as toys, PlayStation, mobile phones, computer are mathematically imbued.”
Speaking further, she said, “There’s no way anyone can run away from mathematics because whatever profession you find yourself, you will always meet mathematics. Mathematics is methodical, systematic, orderly and logical. And without embracing this basic analogy, one will not know how to organise his or herself in life.”
Dr. Sheila admonished the students on how to overcome the stigma and build interest in mathematics. She stressed that self-determination, focus and regular practice are necessary.
“Regular class attendance and asking questions will also help to boost your morale. There’s also need for parents to encourage their wards in appreciating and building interest in mathematics. You can’t rule out the fact that mathematics is the simplest subject to learn only when you develop interest and practice it diligently It will also help and make you stand out in every profession you may find yourself in life.” She added.
Dignitaries at the award ceremony include Mrs. Oloko O. M, Zonal Education Officer, Ado-Odo, Ota, representing Ogun State Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Modupe Mojota ; Engr. O. Oludare, Principal Partner, Frugal Consult as Father of the Day while Pharmacist Lolu Ojo, MD, Merit Healthcare as Chairman of the event. Participated schools were highly represented alongside parents and guardians.
Video highlights Real Madrid 3 - 1 PSG ( Champions league highlights

Video highlights Real Madrid 3 - 1 PSG ( Champions league highlights

Cristiano Ronaldo helped to overturn Adrien Rabiot’s opener at the Santiago Bernabeu to give Real Madrid the edge over Paris Saint-Germain.
Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice as Real Madrid came from a goal down to beat Paris Saint-Germain 3-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday.


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15 Died as Former Student Attack Florida High School

15 Died as Former Student Attack Florida High School

A gunman opened fire at a Southern Florida high school today, killing at least 15 people and sending students running for their lives, according to two law enforcement officers on the scene.

At least 14 victims were taken to hospitals from the incident at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said, though their conditions were not immediately clear.

The suspect was taken into custody off campus but the scene is still active as SWAT teams clear the school, the sheriff’s office said.

The suspect slipped out of the school after the shooting by blending in with other students who were trying to escape, according to two law enforcement sources and an eyewitness.

The suspect’s name is Nicolas Cruz, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

The sheriff said Cruz is believed to be about 18 years old and is not a current student. He had attended the school but it is not clear when he left, the sheriff’s office said.

Students were seen sprinting out of the school with their hands up as authorities with guns drawn swarmed the area. Other students were seen lined up one by one, leaving the area in an orderly fashion. Some students were hysterical, reported ABC affiliate WPLG.

Student Michael Katz told ABC News that at the end of the day he “heard what sounded like a garbage truck like banging.”

“Then also I hear, ‘Boom, boom, boom.’ I hear screaming everywhere,” he said. “I just got underneath my teacher’s desk.”

“We had police invade the school, and we were taken out,” Katz said. “Fortunately, my father was there to pick me up.”

One mother shaking with worry told WPLG her daughter said she was OK, huddled in a locked classroom.

“She’s terrified,” the mother said. “I’m glad that she’s able to text.”

Freshman student Samuel Dykes told the Orlando Sentinel that he was on the third floor of the school when he heard gunshots.

Officers told students to look forward as they evacuated, but Dykes told the newspaper that he saw several bodies in a classroom.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel called it a “horrific homicidal act.”

Another mother told the affiliate that her daughter “keeps telling me to stay away. ‘Be safe, Mom, stay away.’”

“I won’t stay away,” she said, telling her daughter, “I’m your mother.”

The school district said in a statement that close to “dismissal, students and staff heard what sounded like gunfire. The school immediately went on lockdown but is now dismissing students. We are receiving reports of possible multiple injuries. Law enforcement is on site.”

There are over 3,000 students at the school, according to its website.

President Donald Trump tweeted, “My prayers and condolences to the families of the victims of the terrible Florida shooting. No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school.”

ABC News