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Saturday, November 25

Learn From Past- Read How A Young Lawyer Barked To Death. Must Read

 Here is another sub heading from teamwhatt, #learn from past# . why this? It is to assist us gain moral lessons and know about the realities of life so as to guide our steps from destruction. Here we bring to you interesting stories about renowned persons so as to learn from them.
Today story is about Bode Thomas, a young, vibrant lawyer who barked to death on Nov. 23, 1953. How did this happen?. Bode Thomas attended law school with others like Fani power( father to femi Fani kayode ) in London and came out as an outspoken and brilliant lawyer. He was so knowledgeable that he was made the leader of the Oyo Divisional council where he serve as the head and Alaafin of Oyo Oba Adefemi was a mere member. Although this does not create hatred between him and the Oba. The only problem with Bode Thomas was his pride and arrogance with lack of manners and respect for elders. Probably because of his academic status or his wealth since he was a son of a rich man named John Thomas.
The d- day
On Bode Thomas first appearance at the council, everyone stood up and greeted him except the Oba who remained seated. Probably, due to the tradition of the Yoruba that the Oba are second to gods and must not bow for anyone, but this infuriated Bode Thomas that he shouted at the king "WHY WERE YOU SITTING WHEN I WALKED IN ? YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO SHOW RESPECT?  You should know that the Oba was in is 60s while Bode Thomas was 35 years. This made the Oba annoyed and said " Se emi lon gbo mo baun'( am I the one you are barking at) Instead of Thomas to stop he started speaking grammers and the Alaafin said ' Ma gbo lo '.(continue barking).
That was all he said and on getting home, it was as if a dog entered into Bode that he bagan to bark from night till Morning and dies on Nov. 23, 1953.
Lesson learnt.
Bode Thomas would have achieved a lot if he had learnt how to control his tongue and humble himself but died at his prime having achieved a little. Therefore in everything we do humility is important.
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